Monday, August 8, 2011


Our PAL Gabe and his better half Lois from After Hours Choppers put on one hell of a weekend party!
Best weekend I have had in a long time!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ballast Point for Lunch

Terry from Beer Booters who I happen to be a proud member of and I met up for a few pints of nothing but the finest!
For those that dont know Terry and I both come from the Beer Industry. Hence the names BeerBreed and Beer Booters for those that didnt know.
Terry still works for a beer company here in San Diego. Unfortunately well working for a Coors distributor I was siverely injured so I was retired from my favorite job ever!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The God Father of MX

Metzger had a bad accidient well riding yesterday and isnt doing so hot. Metz is a good dude and I hope you pull through ok buddy!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Were going to The Philo!

If your in SoCal and want to meet up on the road I will be cruising North to The Philo Run in Grass Valley CA.
I have a group of buddies headed up I may join or I may roll it solo depending on when I can get out of the shop but I am going no matter what!
If you want to tag along or are meeting up on the road drop me a email to

Friday, June 24, 2011


Like it or hate it, I cant live without 3 things...
Drinking, Motorcycles and vag... Not always in that order

Our new tail light lens will be at BornFree3 and get it at LBC Swap on Sunday....
Fits 32/33 Ford Tail Light Housing.

Ya my wife already said Im a sik fucker

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Mom

Motorcycles and freedom have always been our families Crest. This is my Mom on my Pops Trumpet back in the 60's. He had a slew of FLH, Pans, Ironheads and Trumps.
He told me when he would go on deployment to Vietnam he would off them. When he would come back he would restock. Im fortunate to have a Pops as well as a Step Dad (both Vietnam Vets) that raised me and they both are motorcycle loving freedom freaks.
3 things we all have in common are the love of motorcycles, Freedom and my Mom.

Love ya Mom

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spokesmen Moto/Mission Brewery Bash

Three things I love motorcycles, beer and being a member of Spokesmen Moto! Mission Brewery has just moved there gig to a new location in downtown San Diego. Its a 2 block walk from Petco Park and is just one more reason to try to like a game of stick ball! THey teamed up with Spokesmen Moto and put on one hell of a party for a Sunday afternoon!

I was able to get a few free hours to go to the pre-opening to see what the boys of Mission Brewery had going on. I also got to meet with some friends I have known the better part of my life and make a few new ones as well.

Mission Brewery is located on the corner of 14th and L Street in Downtown San Diego. They have a grand opening June 18th and if your schedule is open it is very worth a 3 hour drive from anywhere!
Mission Brewery info and tickets

The special grand opening is 15 bucks in advance and 20 at the door. For your dough you get fed and a set of 10 tickets for tasting beer they create in house plus more! I personally had my mind rocked by there 12% Alcohol triple IPA called Ship Wreck. I have never in my life had 3 pints that made my day in every way!

Friday, June 3, 2011

RIP Jack!

                 Living in pain sux but living in pain with a terminal illness I couldn't image!
RIP Jack Kevorkian

Wednesday Ride Night!

Visiting a old haunt, We left from one of our favorite drinking holes PAL Joeys and headed East . The El Cajon Car and Bike Show is located on Main Street in the heart of old El Cajon business district. It is every Wednesday from 4:30pm-8pm and features different themes each week. Here are just a few bike pics I shot.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hell on Wheels

Almost time for some Moto!

Return of Wednesday Ride Nite San Diego

It is time for San Diego to get back to what we like to do best every Wednesday and ride!
With a few changes and tweaks were going to mix it up a bit with a new meeting time and spot.

Why the change you ask? Way to many people have said they would like to come ride but it was way to early for them to make it with our old time.

Every Wednesday
Meet: 6pm Leave at 6:30pm
Where: Pal Joeys on Waring Road
Directions and map

New location also offers up a auto parts store and a gas station.

Wednesday June 1st
Ride nite will take us to a old stomping ground where Wednesday Ride Nite began. From Pale Joeys we will head east to the City of El Cajon. Every year El Cajon host a car show that runs down Main Street in old downtown.
If your hungry your covered when we get there. The motorcycle corral sits beside 4 different bar/resturants so food and drink is plenty. 
About the car show

The show raps up at 8pm and so will we by heading over to a favorite dive that reaks of biker... The Tower Bar! Feature comforts of The Tower Bar are Biker movies running non stop, cheap ass stiff drinks, friendly bar keeps and some god damn good cajun popcorn on the house!
map and info

Wednesday Ride Nite is San Diegos Original Chopper, Bobber, Home Built Bike ride nite brought to you by BeerBreed and our crazy friends.
Anyone is welcome to come check it out. We dont encourage drinking but face it were bikers so do it resposibly if your going to do it!

24hrs 1200 miles.

Had to take a run up to Concord in the Bay area and took REV with me. The dudes been around the world but never gone anywhere in the US of A so I figured he could see what San Fransisco was like.

We shot up North grabbed some new stuff and them took a deture to the West Coast version of The City of Brotherly Luv. Took him over the Oakland Bridge into the City and across to the coast for a Sailor and Coke at the Cliff House.

We shot over to Ashbury then down Haight to get on the 101 and out throught San Jose and over the Los Banos Grade. We were hung up for a hour due to a fire in them hills. Shot some pics for my buddy Tony of the Fire Fighters doing there thing.

Starving burnt out and my necks titanium plate and screws were screaming at me to lay down we stopped at the trucker stop and ate at the Skillet. The rest is the typical SoCal pics so I will spare ya...