Saturday, April 30, 2011

RIP OX Karagola

I liked this dude from 1sttime I met him. GodSpeed Brother your in good company...

Most know him from Metal Mulisha or Burger Kings "Big Clucken Chicken" ad.

EDR BeerBreed Crue

BeerBreed Die-Hard crew is getting the last stuff handled before our trip South to Mehico. My neck is going to be pissed with the hardware I have holding it together but sometimes you have to live!

I will be joined by two of the more subdued brothers I hang around...... Ok non of our crew is subdued lol! If you haven't met them on our many ventures around Cali then let me introduce them to you so you know who just stole your beer by accident or poured one over both your heads well screeming Skate or Masterbate!

1st up is my Compa Jesse. You can find his post on the boards as WillyThePirate but I have stuck him with the name Rev. Short for The Reverend. Yup when your running around chasing freedom I advise you to have your very own ordained Reverend. I hope it helps a little well chasing the Devil, Tacos, Tequilla and Freedom!

Next we have what I thought was a epic failure of a dude due to a drinking bet at Slab CityII that sent him to bed at 7:30pm.
DD(Daisey Dukes) thats another entirely different failure in itself lol. He has redeemed himself from the Slab. His major let down has brought him out like the Mike Tyson of drinkers. Dont worry he wont bite your ear off but to the displeasure of his wife and kids he may tongue your ear lol!
DD likes to be #1 at most stuff. I dont think on purpose but it happens.

Here is a list of 1st
1. First to pass out at Slab City II out of 1500 plus people. 7:30pm lights out.
2. First guy I know that wears Daisey Duke Jeans out with his wife anywhere.
3. First guy to opt out of EDR but came back from failure.
4 First and only guy to hit the deck on the dirt road at speed on the NDWSII.
5 ....... you get the picture lol
I luv ya DD hahaha

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday

EDR Steed on the Table

Well the shop has been busy with alot of this and that. I have not had any time to give to my trusty steed and she is in need big time. Wet sumping like a hooker getting choked by a giant load she was rendered unrideable for the 1st time in a long spell.
Good news is everything looks exactly like last time I pulled her apart. I was worried I jacked up the Morris Mag but she looks good to go.
A fresh set of gaskets, plugs, cork gaskets wires, spring, ball, new shoes and she will be ready to roll!6 days and were be rollin dirty with the Reverend in tow to Mehico...
Hell if I am going to play with the Devil I need a Reverend to minister on the road to glory!

~Sweet Cocaine~

A few months back I had a special inquire by Fingers about a front end I had on the market. He told me about a special build he had in mind and I am not one to stand in  the way of a vision. A deal was struck and off that sweet lil narrow glide and drum wheel went.
I checked the mail today and there was a piece of mail from non other then Fingers himself. Thank you brother for reaching out. I tossed one on the lid given a some respect to you and the DS.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Return of Wednesday Ride Night in San Diego

San Diego Wednesday Ride Night

Every Wednesday Night in San Diego

Meet at Longhorn Cafe in San Diego Ca.
6519 Mission Gorge Road
San Diego, CA 92120-2306

Time 5:30pm leave at 6pm
We will be riding to Mission Beach to eat at the roller coaster. From pizza to Gyros you cant go wrong.
Once we have feasted our scoots will take use east to our old favorite The Tower Bar on University Ave.

San Diego's only ride night dedicated to Choppers, Bobbers, Home Built Bikes and those that support our lif style!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Myth Buster

Born under the sign of Gemini I have 2 very different personalities. BeerBreed is a direct reflection of this and why we wanted to give ourselves a better focus on where were going. Plus we wanted to clear up some myths...

BeerBreed and Brand22 are the same company with  the same 2 goals as before.Giving our product its own name cuts down the confusion on how were precieved. No were not a bunch of drunks getting loaded well welding, cutting and fabing our goods or well working on scoots. So this myth was false

BeerBreed was created when I was 21 and my buddies and I ran it as our moniker well tearing up the streets around Socal on our scoots. Now days you find BeerBreed hosting Wednesday ride night in San Diego as well as North Drinks with the South over night campouts.These events include drinking unlimited amounts of alchohol and have been know to be some of the best parties you can attend.  This myth is True

Brand22 will cover our popular tail light kits, assessories and allow us to work on new stuff we have on the drawing board. With the new product name Brand22 it has allowed us to feel the publics confusion monkey is off our back. This Mythi is True

Now when we get asked what BeerBreed and Brand22 is about people wont walk away wondering if they just got hussled buy a guy that might have been drunk off his ass when he made their parts they just bought! Plus they might be more willing to check out what we have going on our Wednesday Ride Nights and NDWS Campouts.

New T's and Truckers Coming Soon!

logos are TradeMark of BeerBreed
Any use without written permission
wont be tolorated

Monday, April 4, 2011



What a kick ass time! I hope you guys and gals enjoyed a little piece of a place I like to hang out at with friends and family. I dig the freedom to go party and do what I want how I want. I am stoked you guys decided to earn a little freedom by making the long haul to North Drinks with South II with BeerBreed.

With the kick ass support getting the word out and tossing schwag in from Biltwellinc, Lady Hump, New Blue Collar Moto, BeerBooters, Cycle Source, Chop Cult, Trophy and Eternal Combustion we had one hell of a party!

I couldn't ask for a better mix of personalities to enjoy a little down time with and I am a better person for getting to know you all.

Winner of the Biltwellinc. Chump bars went to DD for being the lone wolf sampling dirt on the 11.5 mile dirt road! Congrats DD and I hope the road rash clears up soon hahaaha

Wendy and I thank you for the support, and a special thanks go to Rev, Kukui, Jaime and Jimmy for hauling the beer, gear and cooking up a storm. I couldn't do it without ya.

We already have round 3 in the works but for now my eyes are set on chasing the Devil....
See you Dirt Bags next month at EDR

Visit the fuckrs that helped make this all happen

Chop Cult
Lady Hump
Beer Booters
New Blue Collar Moto
Cycle Source
Eternal Combustion

Saturday, April 2, 2011

NDwtS II Ghetto set up

I drove the 94 miles from my house to the middle of nowhere to set up for the North Drinks with the South II. I took all the supplies plus my Ironhead and left the van and set up for our arrival tomorrow afternoon. The last 11.5 miles is all dirt road and made for a blast when I took off for home. Nothing like throttling down a rutted dirt road with a springer hard tail and only a rear drum to stop you! Personally this is going to go down as one kick ass part. It absolutely is in the middle of nowhere!