Friday, February 18, 2011

Old pieces looking for a new home .....
175.00 shipped for the Super Glide tank with emblems and gas cap. It is in original paint with factory year stamp on bottom of 1970. Inside of tank is decent, not rusted up and has a dent on the top towards the back that is a easy repair. Original emblems and cap are getting hard to find!
300.00 shipped for the GME Ribbed fender and gas cap. Tank is in decent condition needs a repaint but includes gas cap and 2 pet cocks. The inside of the tank is good not rusted up.
Im open to offers but no low ballers or trades.
1970 Ironhead seat with sissy bar 80.00 shipped if your intrested in making a offer

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday meet up to twist some throttle with friends!

This all started when I got a text from Brother Rich asking if my fellow throttle jockies and I were riding this weekend. It started at Stone Brewery in Escondido Ca. It was a mix on San Diego, North County, Temecula, Elsinore, Long Beach and South Bay dirt bags met up to drink a little eat a little and ride alot!

Thanks to my buddie Twinkies for leading the way on some of the best back road country twisties you could ask for on a day of riding. Wish I took more pix but the camera decided to take a crap.



Friday, February 11, 2011

Cleaning up some shef space!

 Cleaning up some shelf space if your interested email us at sales@beerbreed to see if its still for sale.
Prices for lower 48 ask for shipping quote if your outside of USA.


Sparto BT&E tail light un modified body with excellent patina no pitting. Lens is SAE S&M. Will polish out bitchen!

315 shipped

No busted fins nice nice chamber front 48' Head 215.00 shipped

chamber 215.00 shipped.

1956 front Panhead head with rockers in great shape nice fins nice 265.00 shipped

Hellcraft Hub with sticker in place good spokes 17" hoop good with 2.50 Inoue tire in good condition. 200.00 shipped.

Sportster rear wheels 18" decent shape no scrapes a minor flat spot in one with tire but nice old hoops 100.00 shipped each. 1st buy gets 1st choice

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Paughco S120 Frame made in the USA 825.00 to your door!

S120 Paughco Frame

This frame is hands down the best hardtail on the market for the money you spend! I have been  hammering away on my S120 for well over 10,000 miles and cant say enough about it. BeerBreed is a firm believer in sell what you ride and with Paughco its a no brain-er that we can be confident in the product we put our name on.
The retail on these Gems starts at 825.00 retail plus shipping. BeerBreed wants to make your Paughco frame purchase a no brain-er and pay for your shipping so how can you beat 825.00 to your door!
Follow the link and you can choose your frame option at our BeerBreed store. Feel free to call us for more info at  the shop 1-858-231-6565 m-f 9am to 6pm or fill free to drop us a email at .
priced to lower 48 states all others will be need to check with us for freight charges to your location.

S120 frame no stretch stock rake

Monday, February 7, 2011

All Trumped Up

Last month things were backwards in my world. I had a large ratio of Trumps to Ironheads.
With my 2 Trumps and Jaime's 250 Trophy on the rack all the Ironheads
I usually have around were flying the coup!
Glad things are gett ing back to normal
in the
play pin

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pictures form the Beer Booter

This morning we jumped upon our scoots and headed north for some seat time and to enjoy the company of friends. The few of us from San Diego that made the ride north were Kukui, Twinkies, my sister Rachel and yours truly.
We met up with our buddies Jason, Rich and the rest of the crew at the Swallows Tavern in San Juan Capistrano for a few beverages before hitting the back roads to Cooks Corner in Trabuco Canyon.
The ride in was epic with all the twisties and Cooks Corner didn't disappoint either. Cold beers and some good eats plus a crap load of bike candy to look at.
Once we had our fill we mounted up for our last leg of our venture North to the Beer Booter. My buddy Temecula Terry likes to drink beer and his pallet for the exquisite beers has led to a group of beer drinkers that like to get together and try new home brews as well as the standard issue goods when the good stuff runs dry.
The Beer Booters are a group of misfits that get together at least once every 45 days to eat drink and get in on a raffle of different products from companies that support events like The Beer Booter.
BeerBreed has been a proud sponsor of these events and I also enjoy being a member to boot! If you like beer and motorcycles do yourself a favor and check out a Beer Booter for yourself!

Allen and Atom your New Blue Collar Moto Blog fuck ups hand picked by Chris Mr. Blue Collar Moto himself!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gems I have going up for sale

Well I have decided to part ways with a few of my special parts. If you interested send your offers over to Im not interested in trades unless its a Ironhead lol

Cerani 35mm Forks show quality minus stem. These forks are the nicest I have seen and i know I will look back and kick myself for offering these up. Im afraid they will end up dinged up eventually so if I dont get a decent offer these will be Ebay Bound.

Barnett BT&E Sparto style tail lamp
This lamp is in excellent condition with awesome patina. No damage  to this unit and its been sitting on the shelf in the house for a long time. This light is another unit I know i will regret selling off but it is time to pass the torch but only if I get 450.00 out of it. Sure its a lot but last one not even as nice I watched go for 440.00 on ebay.
The tail light looks bad ass as is but if you wanted to ruin the patina this gem has earned then it will polish up like a mirror with no pitting. The lens is a SAE S & M lens with no cracks or damage other then typical weather. I would say its one nicest lens I seen on a og tail light and is held in place with the original fire lock ring. The pictures will tell you the rest of the story.

Hellcraft Spool with a 17in rim and good usable tire. Awesome vintage spool with the original sticker still on it 225.00

Any questions email