Wednesday, May 25, 2011

24hrs 1200 miles.

Had to take a run up to Concord in the Bay area and took REV with me. The dudes been around the world but never gone anywhere in the US of A so I figured he could see what San Fransisco was like.

We shot up North grabbed some new stuff and them took a deture to the West Coast version of The City of Brotherly Luv. Took him over the Oakland Bridge into the City and across to the coast for a Sailor and Coke at the Cliff House.

We shot over to Ashbury then down Haight to get on the 101 and out throught San Jose and over the Los Banos Grade. We were hung up for a hour due to a fire in them hills. Shot some pics for my buddy Tony of the Fire Fighters doing there thing.

Starving burnt out and my necks titanium plate and screws were screaming at me to lay down we stopped at the trucker stop and ate at the Skillet. The rest is the typical SoCal pics so I will spare ya...

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