Thursday, March 31, 2011

Less then 48hrs

I was sent a picture from Randolph of his Scoot fueled and loaded waiting for Saturday mornings departure! If you cant make the camp out make the ride it will be well worth it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

April 2nd NDwtS

April 2nd Dont forget to mark your calendar The North Drinks with the South II will meet at Stone Brewery in Escondido Ca. Heading to Cotton Wood Camp Ground in McCain Valley Ca.
This will be the second ride/camp of the year so dont miss out! I have had confirmation Biltwellinc, Enternal Combustion Craze, Mike from S&M Bikes, Crazy Rich and the Elsinore Crew, plus a host of SoCal misfits will be burning rubber South to get their drink on!
If you plan to make this event drop us a pm or let us know your rollin out on this thread so we can account for some food if not your on your own.

LBC, Lost, FAB

BeerBreed was at the LBC Swapmeet  this past weekend. The drizzle kept the crowd down to the diehards

A old scoot found under a pile

Cutting up a old ford tire ring for a build

Saturday, March 19, 2011

From rats nest to....

When I 1st started repairing and building bikes 25 plus years ago electrical was one thing I couldnt stand. I couldnt stand it mainly because I didnt understand it. Today I feel different about electrical altogether and its one of the things I look forward to when I am working on a scoot.
 Electrical is one of those things you find half assed or way over thought on bike builds. This bike when it came in had more wires then the space shuttle. Half of the wiring was melted due to shorts. I am surprised that the coil and ignition didnt fry it was so bad. I take a moment to lay the job out on paper before I jump into it. It saves me a lot of heartache in the long run.
On this 1971 Ironhead it is just getting the basics. Horn, High/low, kill switch, electric start button, 3 way key, regulator and tail light brake light. The bike also needs to retain the stock hand controls and switches to cut down on the cost.
Simple fittings and wires are used for a low budget clean harness as this bike has a max on the amount that can be spent on it. The hand made wiring harness is looking pretty clean so far. Next will be wiring up the switches, buttons and lights tomorrow.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deepest Sympathy

I wish all the people in Japan and other areas that have been hit by the earthquake and tsunami my deepest sympathy.
Also wishing the best for my buddy Hiro that I met up with last week at the big 3 swapmeet. You in my thought Brosef.

Budget Builder

I have had this matching numbers 1971 Ironhead drifting around the shop and finally found the time to get her cleaned up. I yanked the tins off and found a huge rats nest of wiring under the tank and light bucket. It was so bad half the wires were melted from shorting out.
I also noticed the stock swinger wasnt up to par so I tossed this Hammer in Hand bolt on tail section for shits and giggles. Im making a new wiring harness as this one is toast and we will see if the bolt on stays or goes.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mikey Ratt Striping for BeerBreed

If you live in Socal and are into hot rods, choppas and dig that custom pin striped stuff you might have admired work by Mikey Ratt.
Mikey is a bunch of fun to know and is one talented mother fucker when you put paint in front of him. That made it a no brainer for us to see if he would be up to joining BeerBreed to do our Striped Helmets, Tins and more!
In house pricing is less then if you go to the man himself!
40.00 bucks for stripping on a lid
60.00 bucks if you want him to go crazy on it
250.00 bucks for the Fender and Gas Tank Striped

Long Beach Swapmeet Striping at show! Every Month starting March 27th 2011

Mikey will be in attendance to stripe your helmet or tins in person!
If you want a guaranteed appointment pay in advance and you will get stripping for 35.00. Day of show will be 40.00 bucks with no guarantee he will have a spot for you!
If you want your tins done at the show we are running a special of 225.00 for the gas tank and rear fender save 25 bucks with a guaranteed spot!!!! Day of show is 250.00 with no guarantee.
Space is limited
call 858-231-6565 or email to pay or set up a appointment!
Watch for several of Mikey Ratt Striped Biltwell Lids coming soon!

A pic of the Dirt Bag Himself and some of his licks pinched from his portfolio

North Drinks with the South II

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

North Drinks with the South II

North Drinks with the South IIDont miss out, Flyer coming soon!
Chop Cult forum info

North Drinks with the South II
Dont miss out, Flyer coming soon!

When: April 2nd 2011
Meet: Stone Brewery Escondido Ca.
Meet: 11:00am we will depart at 1pm

Mcain Valley Lark Canyon Camp Ground

Cost to camp
A six pack donation of community Beer at the camp ground

We will provide a grill for grilling and Hot Dogs and Hamburgers for those who say they are going. If you commit dont pull a no show please.

Spend some time twisting the throttle, Kneeze in the Breeze, Camping, Friends, Drinking, Story Telling or just to get the fuck out of the city for some time with like minded dirt bags!

This is a non vending event. We put on these over nighters to support those who support our life style and support our companies from time to time when you buy parts from us. If your company wants to get involved by sending some swag for give aways email Your company will get on the flyer, a link and respect.

Ride will be 95 mile poopoo platter of city, twisties, country, desert and even a casino stop. Ride will take about 2 hrs to get there but on the way home you can hit the 8 freeway and knock a good 30 minutes plus off the ride. 3 miles of the ride in to the camp ground is on a manicured dirt road so dont freak out. The camp site is remote but has some ammenties.

Map of ride

Lark Canyon Campground is a year-round facility with 15 developed campsites. Fire rings, tables, water (not tested safe for drinking), and six vault toilets are found in the campground. Group camping sites are available. The majority of visits occur in the late spring, summer, and fall. Occasionally, special events such as motorcycle trails events will take place in the OHV area. Spectators are welcome, but please obey all special event signs.

More info to follow so stay tuned!

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