Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hell on Wheels

Almost time for some Moto!

Return of Wednesday Ride Nite San Diego

It is time for San Diego to get back to what we like to do best every Wednesday and ride!
With a few changes and tweaks were going to mix it up a bit with a new meeting time and spot.

Why the change you ask? Way to many people have said they would like to come ride but it was way to early for them to make it with our old time.

Every Wednesday
Meet: 6pm Leave at 6:30pm
Where: Pal Joeys on Waring Road
Directions and map

New location also offers up a auto parts store and a gas station.

Wednesday June 1st
Ride nite will take us to a old stomping ground where Wednesday Ride Nite began. From Pale Joeys we will head east to the City of El Cajon. Every year El Cajon host a car show that runs down Main Street in old downtown.
If your hungry your covered when we get there. The motorcycle corral sits beside 4 different bar/resturants so food and drink is plenty. 
About the car show

The show raps up at 8pm and so will we by heading over to a favorite dive that reaks of biker... The Tower Bar! Feature comforts of The Tower Bar are Biker movies running non stop, cheap ass stiff drinks, friendly bar keeps and some god damn good cajun popcorn on the house!
map and info

Wednesday Ride Nite is San Diegos Original Chopper, Bobber, Home Built Bike ride nite brought to you by BeerBreed and our crazy friends.
Anyone is welcome to come check it out. We dont encourage drinking but face it were bikers so do it resposibly if your going to do it!

24hrs 1200 miles.

Had to take a run up to Concord in the Bay area and took REV with me. The dudes been around the world but never gone anywhere in the US of A so I figured he could see what San Fransisco was like.

We shot up North grabbed some new stuff and them took a deture to the West Coast version of The City of Brotherly Luv. Took him over the Oakland Bridge into the City and across to the coast for a Sailor and Coke at the Cliff House.

We shot over to Ashbury then down Haight to get on the 101 and out throught San Jose and over the Los Banos Grade. We were hung up for a hour due to a fire in them hills. Shot some pics for my buddy Tony of the Fire Fighters doing there thing.

Starving burnt out and my necks titanium plate and screws were screaming at me to lay down we stopped at the trucker stop and ate at the Skillet. The rest is the typical SoCal pics so I will spare ya...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

LBC Swap and Street Chopper

Come check us out we will have a couple of bikes and a bunch of used goods in our dolla pile!

 1970 Triumph T100C 4600.00 obo offer. This is a period bike in working order. I am looking for Ironheads. Shovel Head or FXR but mainly cash and no carcasses. This bike is all matching numbers and comes with title registered in my name. If your looking for a real deal bike with the right parts this is it! She sells or goes to Ebay.
I also have a 1977 Ironhead with pink and matching numbers I will be bringing. Its a easy project and the motor has had the bottom end tranny and top end already gone through. Matching numbers and 1700.00  to take her home. Otherwise she will be our digger build for David Mann.

Right after we will be headed for OC and the Steet Chopper Release Party. Dont miss it!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top Notch Fuckrs

I dont give these guys props enough
I have known Jonny the Boy and Mike D. to most but ELLLLLLIIIIS to me for over a decade. These guys I can say without a doubt are worth their weight in Gold and as fun as it gets out on the town. Mummms the word...
They also happen to be the Starsky and Hutch of E-Commerce and keep our company rolling. I am so short on time that running a shopping cart online had to be seamless and easy to access.
These dudes nailed it for me and my customers with orders coming directly to my phone as well as the shop. This allows me to get our products shipped in a fast manner and keeps are buyers stoked with the fast service and quick emails!
If you find yourself in need of getting a new face for your business then give these guys a look over.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunday in the OC

We will be there right after the Long Beach Swapmeet! See you there....

June 11 2011 Hell on Wheels

Sign up to race!!

Hell on Wheels is here again! Dont miss out on your chance to take your old pre 80s dirt bike out from behind the wood pile and get your moto on.
This year Hell on Wheels has moved venues from Lake Elsinore MX Park to Milestone MX in Riverside CA.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

EDR "Humped"

Waking up in Ensenada in itself is like waking up after having been in the movie The Hangover the night before. Even if you best A game wouldn't get you a spot on the B Team. Some random sukkas debotuary at the table next to yours in the strip joint will give you bragging rights forever just for being in his presence in Ensenada on the EDR.

Well having had many A game moments Saturday night. I awoke in a fog and joined my hombres for some breakfast at a joint right across the street from the hotel. Well we were eating I noticed the Policia driving down the street with a fool running taking up the rear.

Slowly it dawned on me there was a marathon going on and it was going to give us a show well we were trying to soak up the alcohol with tortillas and pappas.

Right when I thought I could never even think of doing such a run in my stooper out of the corner of my eye.......

It was like seeing a urban legend like Big Foot. Something unexplainable, something freak, something ridiculous.

Yup it was Allen in full stride running down the street actually leading a pack of trained athletes if you could call them that.

A new Urban Legend of the EDR .... Something I call Humped

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bust or EDR!

To many stories to tell
Lost my talent and gained it back
Promises delivered on and ever growing respect for the people and our culture
New additions to the family tree


Full gasket redo 3 nights before EDR
Night before leaving found the clutch failed
Spent all night repairing it and left that afternoon late
Deture to Temecula from San Diego to pick up head gaskets for Gabe from AHC as his blew
Heavy head winds and riding alone into Mexicalli my oil bag mount broke and I over heated
Running on 1 plug trying to get to the border to get new plugs with no Mexican help
My single plug lost its talent and I pushed the bitch for 3 plus hours to find I passed the entry to USA by a mile
40 bucks a tweaker and a thank you to sweat baby Jesus I pushed my bike across the border
Autozone stop, new plugs in and running like she was ready by my pride wasnt caught up yet
Ran her home 150 miles 1 break down at the Acorn and a regroup to try for Ensenada
Caught a nap, got on the road to break a clutch cable in Rosarito
3 hrs later I pounded a beer and took the heat from my boys for my late arrival

Playing with the Devil is never a good thing. He tried to school me but I am never one to toss in the towel!

Much respect to these guys for making life worthy
RustRocket Tony
Gabe AHC
Joe the Hoe  for drinks
Shannon from Count Kustoms
My Rev and DD for reppin
and the Biltwell Fuckr for a excuse to do what we do!

 Freshly pushed across the border thanking baby Jesus!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Really? Really!

Pop and Sis

If you been around a spell chances are you been adopted by a Gray Beard or have apopted one yourself. Well I have been fortunate to have been part of the Roberts Clan since I was 9 years old.

Oscar and my adopted Sis Rachel are the real deal. Oscar started out his quest on Trumps many moons ago. The picture below is him on the far left at 17 racing his trump to victory.

Below is him and Rachel now adays. You can find them killing the hills of East County San Diego on weekends or running with BeerBreed when were chasing some freedom.

Thanks Rachel and Oscar for making life a lil more exciting!