Friday, March 4, 2011

Mikey Ratt Striping for BeerBreed

If you live in Socal and are into hot rods, choppas and dig that custom pin striped stuff you might have admired work by Mikey Ratt.
Mikey is a bunch of fun to know and is one talented mother fucker when you put paint in front of him. That made it a no brainer for us to see if he would be up to joining BeerBreed to do our Striped Helmets, Tins and more!
In house pricing is less then if you go to the man himself!
40.00 bucks for stripping on a lid
60.00 bucks if you want him to go crazy on it
250.00 bucks for the Fender and Gas Tank Striped

Long Beach Swapmeet Striping at show! Every Month starting March 27th 2011

Mikey will be in attendance to stripe your helmet or tins in person!
If you want a guaranteed appointment pay in advance and you will get stripping for 35.00. Day of show will be 40.00 bucks with no guarantee he will have a spot for you!
If you want your tins done at the show we are running a special of 225.00 for the gas tank and rear fender save 25 bucks with a guaranteed spot!!!! Day of show is 250.00 with no guarantee.
Space is limited
call 858-231-6565 or email to pay or set up a appointment!
Watch for several of Mikey Ratt Striped Biltwell Lids coming soon!

A pic of the Dirt Bag Himself and some of his licks pinched from his portfolio

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