Friday, December 3, 2010

1971 Ironhead Fire Breather!

A month ago I stumbled upon this gem well trying to find a bike for carving canyons. She has sat in a corner of the shop and I finally decided to pull some stuff off to see what she is made of .....
Luck enough her past owner had good taste. She is a stock frame with the typical Santee weld on that was reworked and gusseted top and bottom. Stainless hand made sissy bar with a Chicca fender mounted. Some Z bars from Slim and may favorite a 11:1 twin spark 71 kick only power plant.
When I got her home after some messaging I got her fired and all I have to say is she sounds pissed at the world! I decided to open up the primary and poke around her to make sure she will be a solid runner, so far so good! A new ignition, carb and spoke wheel up front with disk and we can see just what this beauty is capable of!

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