Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My brotha from anotha motha has decided to sell the finest example of a airhead I have ever gazed upon. In fact airhead wasnt even in my vocabulary until I laid eyes on this simplistic build done by my buddy Temecula Terry. 
Do yourself a favor and go rob a bank because this bike is a steal of the century at this price! Contact Temecula Terry at beerbooters@gmail.com and tell him Rotten sent ya!

 SALE $8500
Engine, year and make, model, modifications:
1973 R60/5 Stock engine, new Mikuni carbs (why do they call Bing carburetors Bing? Because its the sound they make hitting the trash can), air box removed and replaced with K&N's

Stock with Por 15 and semi gloss top coat - literally tougher than powder coat.

Stock shortened 2"

Chassis mods:
Sub frame shortened and poder coated, reinforced.

Tire/wheel size and style:
Stock / powder coated, new stainless spokes

New Thunderchild Diode board, Dyna III ignition, Brand new Cloth wiring throughout the bike, New Ignition switch -

I left many stock parts, just modded the shit out of them, one thing is for sure, BMW has some pretty nifty stuff that just needs a bit of help to make great. I had a custom Battery tray made from solid billet as well a custom one of a kind tail light. I cut down the handle bar levers and re-shaped them, cut the forks down, rebuilt the wheels, made a custom steering stabilizer, started fresh and re-wired the entire bike to a custom application based off of racing BMW's, Cut the headlight ears down and put a bates headlight can on and replaced the lens with a vintage yellow lamp, Powder Coated almost everything that could be powder coated, Cut down a 30 yr old 2/1 Luftmeister racing exhaust system and place a custom baffle in the muffler, did an antique polish on the engine covers and casted alloy parts that I like to call vintage aviation style and made a custom alloy based seat. 

Im sure there is more, just cant remember right now. Bike is available for viewing, dont waste my time, no tire kickers, bring a sixer of Micro beer for wasting my time.

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