Friday, December 31, 2010

Trippin' out of 2010

“Well, well, well – what do we have here?” Great words spoken by the “Goose” in Mad Max.

These words rattle around in my head as I trip on down the line that I point my scoot most days. See, in life I was never the one to roll on down the road that was laid out by the man. I always found great adventure in looking off to the side of the road and making my own line. 

I always appreciate the fact that most don't mind rolling down the road because while they are, I get to hang out on the knoll hill with the tree unseen by most eyes. For me, it’s all about the freedom to enjoy watching. I am forever watching, listening and experiencing my surroundings. I find that my way is shared by a lot of my brothers on bikes. I think this is why I always loved motorcycles and the freedom with which it comes. I also dig the few people in this world who have the same passion I do about motorcycles and the lifestyle.

This past year I got back to wanting to ride with others after taking some time to ride my own line alone and I am glad I did! I made some great friends and found plenty of adventure in 2010. 

All these new experiences plus my kick ass wife, my healthy children and family plus a hell of a set of good friends and acquaintances made for a heck of a 2010. Having a fully equipped shop and some bikes never hurt either - hahaa!

Wendy and I wish you all a great New Years Eve and an exciting New Year! See you on the other side ~ RoTTeN
For the rest of society loud pipes save live hahaha

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