Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gems I have going up for sale

Well I have decided to part ways with a few of my special parts. If you interested send your offers over to Im not interested in trades unless its a Ironhead lol

Cerani 35mm Forks show quality minus stem. These forks are the nicest I have seen and i know I will look back and kick myself for offering these up. Im afraid they will end up dinged up eventually so if I dont get a decent offer these will be Ebay Bound.

Barnett BT&E Sparto style tail lamp
This lamp is in excellent condition with awesome patina. No damage  to this unit and its been sitting on the shelf in the house for a long time. This light is another unit I know i will regret selling off but it is time to pass the torch but only if I get 450.00 out of it. Sure its a lot but last one not even as nice I watched go for 440.00 on ebay.
The tail light looks bad ass as is but if you wanted to ruin the patina this gem has earned then it will polish up like a mirror with no pitting. The lens is a SAE S & M lens with no cracks or damage other then typical weather. I would say its one nicest lens I seen on a og tail light and is held in place with the original fire lock ring. The pictures will tell you the rest of the story.

Hellcraft Spool with a 17in rim and good usable tire. Awesome vintage spool with the original sticker still on it 225.00

Any questions email

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