Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pictures form the Beer Booter

This morning we jumped upon our scoots and headed north for some seat time and to enjoy the company of friends. The few of us from San Diego that made the ride north were Kukui, Twinkies, my sister Rachel and yours truly.
We met up with our buddies Jason, Rich and the rest of the crew at the Swallows Tavern in San Juan Capistrano for a few beverages before hitting the back roads to Cooks Corner in Trabuco Canyon.
The ride in was epic with all the twisties and Cooks Corner didn't disappoint either. Cold beers and some good eats plus a crap load of bike candy to look at.
Once we had our fill we mounted up for our last leg of our venture North to the Beer Booter. My buddy Temecula Terry likes to drink beer and his pallet for the exquisite beers has led to a group of beer drinkers that like to get together and try new home brews as well as the standard issue goods when the good stuff runs dry.
The Beer Booters are a group of misfits that get together at least once every 45 days to eat drink and get in on a raffle of different products from companies that support events like The Beer Booter.
BeerBreed has been a proud sponsor of these events and I also enjoy being a member to boot! If you like beer and motorcycles do yourself a favor and check out a Beer Booter for yourself!

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