Thursday, April 28, 2011

EDR Steed on the Table

Well the shop has been busy with alot of this and that. I have not had any time to give to my trusty steed and she is in need big time. Wet sumping like a hooker getting choked by a giant load she was rendered unrideable for the 1st time in a long spell.
Good news is everything looks exactly like last time I pulled her apart. I was worried I jacked up the Morris Mag but she looks good to go.
A fresh set of gaskets, plugs, cork gaskets wires, spring, ball, new shoes and she will be ready to roll!6 days and were be rollin dirty with the Reverend in tow to Mehico...
Hell if I am going to play with the Devil I need a Reverend to minister on the road to glory!

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