Monday, April 4, 2011


What a kick ass time! I hope you guys and gals enjoyed a little piece of a place I like to hang out at with friends and family. I dig the freedom to go party and do what I want how I want. I am stoked you guys decided to earn a little freedom by making the long haul to North Drinks with South II with BeerBreed.

With the kick ass support getting the word out and tossing schwag in from Biltwellinc, Lady Hump, New Blue Collar Moto, BeerBooters, Cycle Source, Chop Cult, Trophy and Eternal Combustion we had one hell of a party!

I couldn't ask for a better mix of personalities to enjoy a little down time with and I am a better person for getting to know you all.

Winner of the Biltwellinc. Chump bars went to DD for being the lone wolf sampling dirt on the 11.5 mile dirt road! Congrats DD and I hope the road rash clears up soon hahaaha

Wendy and I thank you for the support, and a special thanks go to Rev, Kukui, Jaime and Jimmy for hauling the beer, gear and cooking up a storm. I couldn't do it without ya.

We already have round 3 in the works but for now my eyes are set on chasing the Devil....
See you Dirt Bags next month at EDR

Visit the fuckrs that helped make this all happen

Chop Cult
Lady Hump
Beer Booters
New Blue Collar Moto
Cycle Source
Eternal Combustion

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