Saturday, April 30, 2011

EDR BeerBreed Crue

BeerBreed Die-Hard crew is getting the last stuff handled before our trip South to Mehico. My neck is going to be pissed with the hardware I have holding it together but sometimes you have to live!

I will be joined by two of the more subdued brothers I hang around...... Ok non of our crew is subdued lol! If you haven't met them on our many ventures around Cali then let me introduce them to you so you know who just stole your beer by accident or poured one over both your heads well screeming Skate or Masterbate!

1st up is my Compa Jesse. You can find his post on the boards as WillyThePirate but I have stuck him with the name Rev. Short for The Reverend. Yup when your running around chasing freedom I advise you to have your very own ordained Reverend. I hope it helps a little well chasing the Devil, Tacos, Tequilla and Freedom!

Next we have what I thought was a epic failure of a dude due to a drinking bet at Slab CityII that sent him to bed at 7:30pm.
DD(Daisey Dukes) thats another entirely different failure in itself lol. He has redeemed himself from the Slab. His major let down has brought him out like the Mike Tyson of drinkers. Dont worry he wont bite your ear off but to the displeasure of his wife and kids he may tongue your ear lol!
DD likes to be #1 at most stuff. I dont think on purpose but it happens.

Here is a list of 1st
1. First to pass out at Slab City II out of 1500 plus people. 7:30pm lights out.
2. First guy I know that wears Daisey Duke Jeans out with his wife anywhere.
3. First guy to opt out of EDR but came back from failure.
4 First and only guy to hit the deck on the dirt road at speed on the NDWSII.
5 ....... you get the picture lol
I luv ya DD hahaha

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