Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Myth Buster

Born under the sign of Gemini I have 2 very different personalities. BeerBreed is a direct reflection of this and why we wanted to give ourselves a better focus on where were going. Plus we wanted to clear up some myths...

BeerBreed and Brand22 are the same company with  the same 2 goals as before.Giving our product its own name cuts down the confusion on how were precieved. No were not a bunch of drunks getting loaded well welding, cutting and fabing our goods or well working on scoots. So this myth was false

BeerBreed was created when I was 21 and my buddies and I ran it as our moniker well tearing up the streets around Socal on our scoots. Now days you find BeerBreed hosting Wednesday ride night in San Diego as well as North Drinks with the South over night campouts.These events include drinking unlimited amounts of alchohol and have been know to be some of the best parties you can attend.  This myth is True

Brand22 will cover our popular tail light kits, assessories and allow us to work on new stuff we have on the drawing board. With the new product name Brand22 it has allowed us to feel the publics confusion monkey is off our back. This Mythi is True

Now when we get asked what BeerBreed and Brand22 is about people wont walk away wondering if they just got hussled buy a guy that might have been drunk off his ass when he made their parts they just bought! Plus they might be more willing to check out what we have going on our Wednesday Ride Nights and NDWS Campouts.

New T's and Truckers Coming Soon!

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  1. I really want that tee shirt. I don't buy many because i think ads suck. You understand that? And I saw steppenwolf in Amsterdam, soi kiss my ass please!!