Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bust or EDR!

To many stories to tell
Lost my talent and gained it back
Promises delivered on and ever growing respect for the people and our culture
New additions to the family tree


Full gasket redo 3 nights before EDR
Night before leaving found the clutch failed
Spent all night repairing it and left that afternoon late
Deture to Temecula from San Diego to pick up head gaskets for Gabe from AHC as his blew
Heavy head winds and riding alone into Mexicalli my oil bag mount broke and I over heated
Running on 1 plug trying to get to the border to get new plugs with no Mexican help
My single plug lost its talent and I pushed the bitch for 3 plus hours to find I passed the entry to USA by a mile
40 bucks a tweaker and a thank you to sweat baby Jesus I pushed my bike across the border
Autozone stop, new plugs in and running like she was ready by my pride wasnt caught up yet
Ran her home 150 miles 1 break down at the Acorn and a regroup to try for Ensenada
Caught a nap, got on the road to break a clutch cable in Rosarito
3 hrs later I pounded a beer and took the heat from my boys for my late arrival

Playing with the Devil is never a good thing. He tried to school me but I am never one to toss in the towel!

Much respect to these guys for making life worthy
RustRocket Tony
Gabe AHC
Joe the Hoe  for drinks
Shannon from Count Kustoms
My Rev and DD for reppin
and the Biltwell Fuckr for a excuse to do what we do!

 Freshly pushed across the border thanking baby Jesus!

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