Thursday, May 19, 2011

EDR "Humped"

Waking up in Ensenada in itself is like waking up after having been in the movie The Hangover the night before. Even if you best A game wouldn't get you a spot on the B Team. Some random sukkas debotuary at the table next to yours in the strip joint will give you bragging rights forever just for being in his presence in Ensenada on the EDR.

Well having had many A game moments Saturday night. I awoke in a fog and joined my hombres for some breakfast at a joint right across the street from the hotel. Well we were eating I noticed the Policia driving down the street with a fool running taking up the rear.

Slowly it dawned on me there was a marathon going on and it was going to give us a show well we were trying to soak up the alcohol with tortillas and pappas.

Right when I thought I could never even think of doing such a run in my stooper out of the corner of my eye.......

It was like seeing a urban legend like Big Foot. Something unexplainable, something freak, something ridiculous.

Yup it was Allen in full stride running down the street actually leading a pack of trained athletes if you could call them that.

A new Urban Legend of the EDR .... Something I call Humped

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