Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top Notch Fuckrs

I dont give these guys props enough
I have known Jonny the Boy and Mike D. to most but ELLLLLLIIIIS to me for over a decade. These guys I can say without a doubt are worth their weight in Gold and as fun as it gets out on the town. Mummms the word...
They also happen to be the Starsky and Hutch of E-Commerce and keep our company rolling. I am so short on time that running a shopping cart online had to be seamless and easy to access.
These dudes nailed it for me and my customers with orders coming directly to my phone as well as the shop. This allows me to get our products shipped in a fast manner and keeps are buyers stoked with the fast service and quick emails!
If you find yourself in need of getting a new face for your business then give these guys a look over.

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